Recipes for Cooking Dads or Interested Ones

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dads_recipe_1Should we have recipes for cooking dads or interested ones? Not everyone bothers why he has to cook, except a few. At houses with working parents, we are seeing a practical trend of dad’s cooking scene at the kitchen. Doesn’t it feel awesome when a small serve is by a dad? And, who doesn’t feel born under a lucky star when he prepares a lunch or a dinner. My husband almost love to cook non-veg and when it comes to meat, he willingly puts it on his favor to prepare.

Every house has been programmed in such a way that cooking is either by a mom or a cook. A mom’s illness doesn’t mean she has to stop packing her kid’s lunch box and if she is a working mom, they might all miss the day. What can you do under a situation when both cook or mom are not available? You probably order it from outside source but very well don’t want to push your kids to have it, right?

Finding good cooks are really difficult. Every quarterly you have to accept their innumerable demands, pricey rates or free set of attitudes. Full time cooks are better but not all would prefer to pay. Part timers often don’t show up everyday. If the woman in house finds herself pregnant and they find her having a steady job, don’t get surprised of being asked for a hefty amount, although the quantity they cook remains the same everyday.

Most of us are better off with or without a cook but others face worst time with a cook at home. Still the question remains why a Dad should feel he has to cook? 

One freaky but prominent reason will force you to think of a time when a cold fight between you and your spouse turns things upside down and she declares a day off to cooking. As a dad, instead of showing yourself getting affected with the mom’s attitude, try your own and also serve her with a not-giving-up attitude. Sounds cool?

So, a mom’s duty can be everyday but to break even that rule, interested dads can pitch in to help for a day or two. May be for  your anniversary or a mom is sick day. Learning some easy-to-make recipes can help you at an arduous time. From the Recipes for Cooking Dads, we mean we want to plan simple recipes or ideas to a Dad’s level of understanding, henceforth any individual can try under minimal time and management. You don’t always want to look out for an instant Maggie noodles or spending for a home delivery.

In other countries even single dads having custody of their child are showing interest in packing a lunchbox for their kids. Doesn’t it sound a precious fatherly love that cheers the little one from a dad-made-recipe? Sounds difficult because internet is flooded with wonderful recipes and you don’t want to see them all.

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Take Away

Being a dad, your morals or dignity doesn’t run low if you step into your own kitchen to cook something for you, your kids or wife. Enjoy being yourself and let others know you made a dish by your choice not because of responsibility.

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