Does planing for a second kid gives you goosebumps?

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One was fine, but many are still bothered to have two kids or not.

No sooner you have just got settled with one still in your lap, there are conscious thoughts or may be some near-dear suggestions to plan for one more with a cheesy smile or a wink reasoning that that makes a complete family picture. To most of us imagining the picture seems so fascinating that you really want to have one more. But would everything in life be that promising with the advent of another bundle of joy? This is something that most of us want to know.

Gathering some of my experiences with moms have made me feel that I can share something new and prevailing too.

I talked to moms of two kids. Some have real difficult life. But they are satisfied by just thinking that their kids will grow up together, share their feelings and never feel lonely. They have found happiness in accepting the difficulty and a belief to have a good result.

One mom said, “I hardly get 5-6 hours of sleep in a day. One starts crying in the middle of the night and another wakes up while she would be still putting the first one to sleep.”

Another mom of two kids has to say, “My first child is like a fairy calm and another annoys me a little. And thank god, I never miss my kitty parties.” Well, god bless them all.

Few moms relaxes as quite often they put kids to hook around with their fathers.

Now coming to single kid moms– their life is quite manageable to run around only one. Ask them they manage not to miss their workouts, yoga or kitties. Just they don’t want to miss out on anything from their own life, they are satisfied with one. Sometimes they do face challenges according to their capability. Many think of raising just one to provide the best of everything under the sun without compromising on the monetary aspects in life. I believed it only when a friend of mine said, “We don’t go or plan for a vacation. I take care of two and can’t spend so much on a vacation. My job and the dates simply don’t overlap to make it for a holiday at a distant place. We just visit our mom’s place nearby or a day outing.

Few working moms have managed to raise two children. They have someone to take care of their kids or a day care available. But, now the question is — does single child always feels lonely? Or, do they always need a sibling to share their emotions? I feel some parents can makeup to get even with kids emotions by being their friend. However, the answer lies somewhere else.

A father of one kid said, “I have my brother’s son around with me always and they are family. And, I’m sure they won’t feel lonely now. But, when they grow up they should have learned enough –that’s how life i!.” Well said!

Among all these thoughts, that may storm your mind, what holds true is that they do really cultivate a lot of emotions for their little sibling and exhibit behavioral changes for the good. This feel good factor is where you can decide to go for one more.

Certainly you will have difficult times on being a parent of one or a little more for two kids.  May be you will sacrifice your job, a quality vacation, a dream house, a personal time to pursue your hobbies, shopping, a quality sleep, or an endless list. Just maintaining a healthy life with disciplined life structure can help you raise two kids successfully. I feel without the routine and disciplinary life, you may suffer a lot!

To inspire your belief, I want to share what a mom of twins has to say, ” When we came to know, we had no choice, no escape. We tried our best to accept life graciously and sacrifice without counting on it.  When Almighty decides, He gives immense potential to handle. We could never believe we had the potential…( laughs).

Mind blowing! Isn’t it? It’s all upto you. Most important is both spouse must be willing to sacrifice and stay happy to move ahead with two kids.


  1. Sonali

    Truly,everyone will have a different opinion.Parents might feel complete with one child but the Child may not feel the same.The trend of being born in a nucleated family is growing in an alarming rate.There are cases where Moms and Dads stay separate because of their individual jobs and meet at the weekends.The Child might be staying with one of them or sent to boarding schools. In that case welcoming a second child could be a challenge for the parents.Some Moms may have to sacrifice their jobs.If that leads to a successful future for her child then her sacrifice is priceless.. It would be her own success as a mother.

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