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Welcome to the A Parently You community!! Immensely pleased to have you here. A Parently You is a community for all you moms and dads to ask questions, give advice and share personal experiences. You can talk and connect on a range of issues – from infant care to fashion, from children behavior to travelling….in fact anything, which you think will be relevant.

HOWEVER, this is not a blog / Website where we give all the gyaan (information, for the uninitiated) and we expect you to just read through it…No, that’s not what this is – this is YOUR space..a space for you to speak out, share, connect on issues, which may or may not have to do anything with parenting directly. You have the power to govern what goes into the web page, and of course, I will be sharing in my experiences too…with a bit of gyaan. So, if you are looking for something that you want to see, do put in a comment on SafeSpace (Speakout) and we will try to get that on the site.

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