Dad, your journey to a stronger bond could do a much

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4629082430_5b32c838d4_bDad, your journey to a stronger bond could do a much

Our children carry half of dad’s genetic character. It is not just a mother’s bond we talk often is only way to look into. A bond with father right from birth plays a huge role in who they become when they grow up. It is saddening that some fathers don’t realize this importance and stay away from their children in their daily regimens. This affects a child’s social attitude, emotional and mental set up on a long run. We have already seen dads and now we are pleased to welcome what a modern dad has come out to be.

Modern dads are no longer doing their own business, office, handling finance and running errands. Many dads are increasingly looking to balance work and parenthood. Whenever you are at home, you can very well participate in some elongated responsibilities of what a mom does. Read some bedtime stories, play games, give input to their school’s home task, accompany them to their karate class, teach some lessons, and show them how you help and respect your wife. In turn, children will always remember how to respect a woman or a wife or a mother.

A little bit of playtime with dad is quite stimulating and vigorous. Your child explores, and take some ‘safe-risks’ which ultimately impacts positively on their brain development.

Surveys find dads are the special ones who introduces additional vocabulary to kids. If you are involved with kids and daily activities, they will less likely suffer from depression and other high-risk behaviors, like experimenting with drugs and sex.

So if you love your child and wish to make him/her lead a more enriching life without missing out on anything, you need to be a responsible dad. Society is changing, moms are going out to work too. It’s not only mom’s but also dad’s involvement that deeply nourishes the children upbringing.

Although dads are still facing the cultural and workplace barriers in India, few weekly offs, family leave benefits, fraternity leaves, work from home facility in their pocket allows them to manage a lot. Some pediatricians are even including dads and encouraging their involvement from birth.

So dads, move forward hand in hand with your child, you both will go a long way.

Take away

Dads are the best friend of their child through the good times or bad. Your understandings will always be cherished by them. Be responsible and give your children the gift of a loving dad. The way you handle today will reward you sometime when you need them both mentally and physically, if not financially.


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    Hey Mitali , the whole idea about this website is beautifully conceived . Have seen people putting theory to practical and u have the courage to go the opposite . i think you are doing a great work and i wish you all the best in this PARENTLY YOU .


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