All Stay-at-home-Mothers (SAHM) needs a little bit of ‘my time’

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working or not– SAHM are mothers who willingly made a choice to be a mother and though they wished to get into a job outside but couldn’t make it just to take care of the little one. You might be on a job initially and made a choice not to. Overall, you never wanted to be just a mother. So, isn’t it true of all that you faced so far, the most inspiring and toughest on the job role is being a mother? I feel, motherhood, an eye-opener. Nevertheless, it’s really the most wonderful phase of our lives. But we have learnt it and are reminded always of what all we did to our mom. And, now things are coming up right on our way in a similar fashion. That’s when we value motherhood so much, and we mean it when we say that ‘mothers are so special’. So we can never underestimate the caliber of a mother whose job is actually 24/7.

You are modern or orthodox, you know what you have been doing and what you are. Asking for a little bit of pampering, or some of ‘my time’ is your right. Many of you had some hobbies or passion, but you couldn’t make time to follow it. You want to connect with the world for more ideas or be engaged, may be with all the good, lovely or mischievous ladies around you. You want to keep yourself updated on latest trends, news, or more. You realize the time constraints that can’t help much. Frankly speaking, if you really like watching those melodramas in TV you can’t help yourself much. But finding people to get connected, with the world, you have to find some time and trust me you will enjoy being a mother. It was difficult for me too. Now I steal out some time with this blog even during late hours of night because I love to connect with all you mothers despite running household chores (same as some of you do). Can’t you take that extra effort or find a reason, if you want it all? Who knows you can make money out of it. Unravel the hidden passion or talent in you and just get set go! The choice is yours, anyways. I have collated few ideas which I have been seeing in and around my society. Start with some of the following and later on you will find your true passion:

  • Make a kitty group and arrange stuffs to have some fun.
  • Participate in programs and arrange festivities or other activities in your society. A group is always a fun. May be make a group and start volunteering in some functions and parties and then highlight yourself that you can provide a service in organizing a Party/Function.
  • Showcase your recipes, or flaunt your new look or hairstyle and post on YouTube (share me to have a lift in your Facebook profile) and later on release it as a book to purchase.
  • Undertake a training on subject of your choice and start up your business.
  • Be an agent to easy and cheap vendors selling items like, jewelries, cloths, shoes and lots of other stuffs that you can put for sale( right on Whatsapp group or social media channels).
  • Provide school tuition classes at home or coaching center or teach something that others might not know
  • If you love Dancing…Join a class(I found this more relaxing though). Who knows you may have your own Dance floor. Jumba/yoga (they all go for any mom who might not know how to dance or move their body).
  • Join a beauty course and set your own parlor at home or in your society.
  • Make your own dish and start your own take away business in your society.
  • Write your own blog and reach out to people with ideas.(who knows your ideas can go viral).
  • Follow your hobbies they will surely take you somewhere.

(Note: Some skills require investment and training. Try to acquire, as you never know your deepest passion may turn into a return on your investment.)

Take away —

The busier you are, the less likely you suffer the everyday toll that takes on you on your emotional aspect and sometimes help lessen your nagging attitude (if any).


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